Store Ownership

Store Ownership

ARL’s original group of Menswear retailers formed in 1969 to maximise the benefits of combined purchasing and promotion and has stores throughout Australia; many of which are identified under the Mensland banner.

The stores cover a wide range of the menswear retailing spectrum and include multi-merchandise, upmarket and boutique outlets, as well as fully-identifiable Mensland stores.

Store emphasis is on event, business attire and smart casual. The merchandise highlights quality and value for money for young to middle-aged males.  Members of ARL’s menswear division share a number of benefits, including access to the Mensland banner, volume discounts and access to leading clothing and footwear suppliers.

The ARL team monitor local and overseas trends and have greater negotiating power through volume purchases. Members gain the benefits of exclusive designs, first release products and ‘own brand’ products including the Allegre, Lancia and Bertini range of men’s co-ordinates and casualwear.

Key brands such as Thomas Cook Clothing, Back Bay, New England, Studio Italia and Milano Workshop, Gloweave, Bisley and Hard Yakka are only some of the brands that made available to Mensland Members.

Seasonal trade fairs are held twice each year where more than 50 menswear labels are exhibited, these trade fairs give members an opportunity to discuss trends and direction with the ARL team as well as other members.

New initiatives are constantly being developed, giving members access to the most up-to-date methods for maximising profit margins and stock turns.

If you would like to join the Mensland group simply hit the contact us button and one the ARL team will get back to you.

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